President’s Message 2018

A Presidents Spring Report 2018

I’m certainly glad to see that along with the time change the weather has finally started to change and the days are getting longer and drier. That only means one thing, more hours for car shows and get togethers for all of our car friends and enthusiasts that love to participate in their hobby.

This year, as always, your executive board has gathered a very select group of local business people that support our car club. These business owners and folks, like all of us, have a passion and a love for cars and the hobby. Within our corporate sponsor group there are automotive engine rebuilders, one heck of a good upholstery company, a transmission differential specialist, a wide selection of very good mechanical shops and automotive part outlet facilities. We have an excellent realtor on board as a corporate sponsor should you have an urge to shake your old place and feel the need for a new location, don’t hesitate to reach out to Sandra. Heck yeah, we even have a roofer to put new gutters and a roof on any place that you’d like and I tell you what, he’s darn good at it. All of these business contacts and their information are listed on our website, please reach out to them and support these small business people when you can. These are local small business service providers that are always there for the car club, please support them if you’re able.

Any club or group is only as strong as its membership base so your involvement is needed. If you notice an event or function that you would like to see the club support as a group or attend, please speak up and bring it to a meeting. Please watch our website for updates and changes about events and shows.

The collector car club hobby has experienced significant growth over the years. In days past people had to drive these old cars back and forth to work and out on the weekends because there was nothing else. Today, folks drive these older vehicles because they’re collectible, they’re desirable, and above all they’re cool!

Invariably well out and about with our classics, you will overhear conversations and discussions from people regarding “grandfathers car” and you will always get a thumbs up from everyone, even if they don’t know what it is.

Groups such as Barrett, Haggerty, Russo Steele, and more rose to the occasion, making the collector car club hobby a very desirable and fashionable way to drive old cars. You know what, it’s good, clean, innocent fun.

Last year, the BC Chevelle and GM Club along with the Corvette club hosted a bowling fundraiser that was a huge success. At the end of the evening, the proceeds were given to the Surrey Mental Health Group for the folks who need it most. As the end of the year approaches, your Chevelle Club wraps up with one heck of a Christmas party and donations for Children as well as funding towards multiple food banks, Canuck Place, and our chosen charities.

As of late, the Chevelle Club has taken a solid social club role, as always cars, fellowship, camaraderie; fundraising for charity has been our direction. As well as building long lasting friendship within the club. Last year, some of our membership took in some very cool car shows in Cuba and our plans include a cruise ship tour this time next year.

Very soon, our weekends will include car shows and get togethers, I’ve always found that Cam Hutchinson’s Car Nut Corner and our local province newspaper is a good way to stay in the loop.

Again this year, our clubs car show will be at Donegal’s Pub, Sunday June 10th. Membership is required and appreciated as it will be a busy day and there will be a number of chores that need to be filled. Door prizes for the show are always appreciated so if you have a favourite restaurant, golf course, or place of business that might be able to donate something, please round them up and present them to Tim and Laurie or Dave. Our club picnic is another important date, July 22nd, cars welcome.

Attend a meeting or watch the website for changes and information or just ask. Until then, CRUISE ON!


Dave Zappone


The BC Chevelle & GM Car Club is dedicated to the preservation, restoration and modification of the Chevrolet Chevelle, EI Camino and Pontiac Beaumont and other GM automobiles. The BC Chevelle & GM Car Club promotes an open & friendly atmosphere. We have fun socializing as a car club & where possible raise money for various charities. We are a 100% volunteer club with elected Executive.