President’s Message 2019

A President’s Almost –Spring Report

The Chevelle Club wrapped up our year end with another awesome Christmas party to sum up 2018 and once again fun was had by all. A huge number of toys were gathered for kids, thanks everyone for your energy, input, and contributions!

Okay, I know it’s only February but as I sit here at my desk scratching out an early bird update for our club members, I can’t help but notice snowflakes falling. I keep assuring myself that Spring is on the way, be here any time, soon, right Dave? Don’t care what that groundhog saw, Spring is coming, right? I know I’m right because the car club has just had its first executive meeting last week with some very cool proposals for 2019. We’re out of the gate already with a date and a location for the club’s 2019 car show. Primo locations are always booked out early, this year is no exception. So your executive has firmed up a favourite spot that Tom and Susan Latter highly recommended. It’s one of their favourite locations, some of the executive members have visited the park and now we see why.

Philip Jackman park in Aldergrove, just one block east of Fraser highway at 27067 32nd is booked and confirmed for our show this year. It’s pretty cool, parking is available on the grass, a spray water park for the kids, possibly a concession stand for our use, or at least room for some food services. Good call Susan and Tom!

Our sponsorship spots are filling up again this year, these are the local business providers in our community that assist the Chevelle Club with our annual hard costs of operation. Please support them if you’re able as they are always there for the club. Many of our sponsors, being car people as well as business owners, participate in our fundraisers, get-togethers and also attend our meetings as guest speakers and friends. Most of these folks are warmly greeted on a first name basis and are always welcome in our friendly environment!

Julie and Blair have overseen our website upgrades and with Karen’s help, fixed a few flat tires and it looks 120 per already. Thanks for the updates folks! Tar and Rita went to Barrett Jackson this year and said it was a huge toy box. I’m sure they’ll have many pictures and stories to share with us at the next meeting! As we move forward into Spring our first meeting of the year will be on March 17th.

Please remember the Chevelle club is entirely volunteer based and only as strong as its membership. If there’s something you’d like the club to participate in, by all means, bring it to the meeting for discussion. Chances are someone sitting next to you is thinking about the same thing.

I can always tell that Spring has sprung because one of my favourite car shows, the Poppy car show, will be announced in the Spring as one of the first, soon followed by the Coastal swap meet on May 24th.  These events are only a couple of the early birds to be followed by many others throughout the year all over the province. We have a sister Chevelle Club in Washington that hosts an awesome car show every year as well as get-togethers throughout the car show season. A number of times, our membership base has visited their King Charlie show as well as some of their events and enjoyed ourselves immensely. A couple years ago, Tim Williams and I went to Garrot’s Garage in Tacoma on a visitation and were warmly welcomed by our cousins to the south and attended an awesome buffet lunch and Garage tour. It was a real rooty-toot-toot and a great time with fellow Chevy lovers.

For us, the car hobby, has always been about great people with hotrods thrown in on the side. Raising money for charities and rubbing shoulders with folks that share common interests. Your executive has a few ideas for club outings as well as some visits throughout the year. We are excited to see what this year holds for the club and its members. More to come at the meeting in March!

Dave Zappone

The BC Chevelle & GM Car Club is dedicated to the preservation, restoration and modification of the Chevrolet Chevelle, EI Camino and Pontiac Beaumont and other GM automobiles. The BC Chevelle & GM Car Club promotes an open & friendly atmosphere. We have fun socializing as a car club & where possible raise money for various charities. We are a 100% volunteer club with elected Executive.