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The El Camino History…1959 to 1987

The Name El Camino was used some years before. Cadillac presented their project car called El Camino in 1954 at the GM Motorama.  Cadillac-El_Camino_Concept-1954-1600-01A 2–passenger coupe with lots of features which were included in the fol-lowing years of Cadillac Models.  This El Camino was fin-ished in a silver gray and featured a brushed stain-less steel roof.


El Camino is Spanish and means (directly translated) The Road, The Way, The Course, The Path, The Walk and so on and so forth.  elcaminologoA historic road leading through California is named the “El Camino Re-al” (pronounced re-al). Real means (directly trans-lated) Sincere, True, Royal or Kingly. Now you can make some combinations like the True Road, The Royal Way, The Sincere Path and so on.

Chevrolet didn’t want to confuse the people with such a name so they skipped the Real portion of the name.

In 1959 a few years after Ford had introduced the Ranchero Chevrolet decided to fight back with the El Camino.   1959-1960-chevrolet-el-camino-6Based on the radically styled 1959 Chevrolet Impala, it was a dramatically beautiful sedan pickup . Chevy described it as more than a car more than a truck.  In 1961 Chevy unfortunately dropped the El Camino. Dropping a new model two years into a program was very uncharacteristic of Chevrolet.

200245Production models until they dominate the market. In 1964 Chevy re-introduced an all new El Camino. It was based on the mid-sized Chevelle. The 1964 was obviously a fresh, new package, but it main-tained a link to the older model with its good looks and sparkling performance.

Chevrolet-El-Camino-front-three-quartersAfter years of success, the El Camino was finally dropped by Chevrolet in 1987. For years GM has been rumored to be considering bringing back the El Camino. GM already has a vehicle ready in Australia with minor changes could make it available .

Either way, the El Camino lives on as one of the most versatile and high performance vehicles that Chevrolet has ever built.