Dave Zappone, President

Throughout the mid to late 1970’s, I always wanted a ’66 Chevelle. My friend that I chummed around with had a ‘67, two door hard top. My other buddy had a ‘65, two door post. But I was always the hold out, looking for a good clean ‘66. I couldn’t find the right fit back then, and if I did I was always two bucks short. But I did buy a very nice full size ’66 Caprice, two door hard top. I found the ad in the Columbian newspaper one morning, and I phoned the guy right away. The owner and his wife only lived a few blocks away from home, it was right under my nose, it was like finding the hope diamond. He was a school teacher, original owner, and factory ordered the car with a 327, 4 speed, factory consul and gage package, factory tack. They spec’d the car out that way because it had a little tent trailer that he used to pull one week a year when they went on holidays. I bought the car that morning for $1100 and drove it three blocks home.

davezapponechevelleOver the years I changed tires and wheels, cam-shaft and lifters, carburetors, and a lot of other goodies. It wasn’t a Chevelle, but it was so close. I enjoyed the car for many years, and it finally gave way to lifted 4×4 trucks, and a lot of different cars and trucks. For a long time I enjoyed 4×4 trucks, and still do. Stock cars and dump trucks and different muscle cars, trying to find a real keeper, but they came and went. No matter what type of car came and went, a ’66 Chevelle would always stop me dead in my tracks for a second or third look.

Time passed and five or six years ago Jane and I went to a swap meet in California with my brother Gary and his wife. It was an awesome car show with a huge car corral. Early that morning Gary asked me if I checked out the ’66 Caprice in the car corral, and I replied “of course I did”. It was just like my old one, but it was a factory automatic, bench seat car. I went back for another look and while talking to the owner’s son about the car and fishing for information, his boy happened to mention that the old man also had a ’66 Chevelle Super Sport for sale. I was on that kid like glue, and shortly after I met his dad. We talked about both cars, and two hours later we went to their place in San Francisco to check out the ’66. I wasn’t going to leave California until I drove that car. Period.

davezapponeelcaminoA few weeks later, I arranged vehicle transport to Canada and have enjoyed a number of shows since. The car is a Super Sport, bucket seat car. The 396 is long gone, and it presently has a 540 Merlin board to 572. The Muncie has been changed up to include a very stock looking, super T10 four speed, but logic says that a 5 speed trimec is needed soon. I am sure that over time I will make some more changes, but I don’t want to lose that old-school, original look.

I have enjoyed the Chevelle GM club and the fellowship and camaraderie that comes with the big package and I hope to remain a part of it for a long time to come.

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The BC Chevelle & GM Car Club is dedicated to the preservation, restoration and modification of the Chevrolet Chevelle, EI Camino and Pontiac Beaumont and other GM automobiles. The BC Chevelle & GM Car Club promotes an open & friendly atmosphere. We have fun socializing as a car club & where possible raise money for various charities. We are a 100% volunteer club with elected Executive.